Landlords in England and Wales will be familiar with the need to supply gas safety certificates to their tenants but whilst they are also responsible for ensuring the electrical appliances and systems are safe there has been no formal requirement for professional testing.

This changed in Scotland last December and landlords there are now required to carry out formal 5 yearly electrical safety checks. And how long will it be before similar rules are introduced here?

I can remember living in a rented house once where you couldn't turn the bathroom lights on or off after taking a shower without getting an electric shock! Clearly if the  regulations protect against this kind of risk they can only be a good thing. Unfortunately I suspect the vast majority of landlords are already keen to ensure that their tenants are safe so the regulations won't make much difference to them other than formalising checks that they are already undertaking.

And with regard to those rogue landlords out there... will the existence of yet another safety regulation make a difference to the way they operate? I fear not.