Recent reports suggest that the number of mortgage approvals is up again. The Hedges property team can certainly confirm that this summer has been busier than any over the last few years - we had 12 successful completions last Friday which made it an exhilarating day for many of us (although having 12 happy clients made it all worthwhile)!

Despite frequent reports of rising house prices and increased levels of lending, anecdotal evidence from our own experience and that of our many estate agent contacts would suggest that the market is still some way from full recovery. We're experiencing peaks like this summer and then dips during which activity tails off rather than the more steady flow of sales and purchases from some years back. Speak to any Oxford estate agent and it won't be long before they start lamenting the lack of new houses coming onto the market.

So, whilst we're cautiously optimistic that the peak in lending in July will manifest itself in a busy end to 2015, we'll leave breaking out the champagne to our happy movers for now.... and keep hoping for a little more stability in the market.