Ok I admit it... writing an article about Daniel Craig's vegetation problems may be motivated (at least in part) by the opportunity to cheer up a dull January afternoon by looking at his photo. And yes,  when I choose to write about George Clooney's fence last year it may have had a similar attraction!

But on a serious note neighbour disputes over hedges, trees etc... are never far from the news and I see a steady stream of clients who have fallen out with neighbours over party walls, unruly hedges, fence posts and the like. An Englishman's home is his castle after all and must be defended against invading neighbours at all costs.

Once clients have finished their tales of unreasonable neighbours and asked if I can help I always ask one question... have you actually spoken to your neighbour about this? And I don't know if this comes as a surprise but half the time they haven't!

So if I can give Mr Craig one piece of advice it would be to buy a cake, take it round to his neighbour and have a cup of tea together. After all, it's good to talk. And if that doesn't work? The Hedges' dispute resolution team is ready and waiting to issue an injunction and sue for damages. And I'm quite a fan of tea and cake if there's any going spare.....