The Government's new white paper "Fixing our broken housing market" has been launched today and met with a somewhat subdued reception.  You can read the paper in its entirety via the link below but for those without enough time to trawl through the 104 pages here's a brief synopsis:

1. We need to build more of the right homes in the right places;

2. We need to build faster; and

3. We need to diversify the housing market.

Not much to argue with there but it's no wonder that readers have been left feeling somewhat underwhelmed...

And forgive me if I'm being cynical but I think I may have read about the Government's plans to sort out the planning process and punish"greedy" developers one too may times already to take this rehashing of old ideas too seriously.

That said, it's all very well complaining but this is a consultation and I shall be giving my views as requested. At least then when nothing changes I can say I did my bit;-)